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Question by A: patois(creole french) in the caribean?
is st lucian patois the same as dominia patois , and trinidad patois? Where can i learn how to speak it

Best answer:

Answer by Dieulifèt
hi, im a creole speaker from martinique. st. lucian patois is definitely the same as the one in Dominica. Martinicans and Guadeloupeans understand it easily also, we call it creole though, there are minor differences.

that dialect as a whole is called antillean creole http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antillean_Creole

i also know a version is spoken in Trinidad as you mention, my neighbor is from there and he knows a few words, it seems to be very similar. as far as learning that dialect, not too many resources unfortunately, i did find this st. lucian creole dictionary, so once you learn the grammar and pronunciation it would be a big help.


Hope i could help.