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  • Carpet Selection Made Easy
    If you’re in the market for carpet but don’t know where to start, here’s some quick tips from magazine stylist and interior designer, Tahn Scoon… When selecting flooring for client projects, I tend to start with the main living areas and then work out from there. Most commonly, timber or… Read more »
  • Floors to Keep up with Kids
    There’s a few certainties in life – and when it come to kids, we know that mess will be made! So when it comes to designing your child’s room you need to spare a thought for what exactly will be going on in their room? Is it doubling as their… Read more »
  • Tips for Choosing a Blockbuster Media Room Floor
    With Netflix and other streaming services available, a media room has never been more fun to make a reality. Creating a media room work in the home comes down to really well planned out and thought out flooring solutions for maximum enjoyment for lazing on the floor and to ensure… Read more »
  • The Latest Baby & Toddlers Nursery Room Flooring Designs
    A new baby brings a flutter of thoughts, feelings and emotions to one’s life – but it also brings with it a renewed sense of innovation, – innovation to design that perfect baby den. The nursery is a special part of the new baby experience and you want to build… Read more »
  • Games Room Flooring Ideas
    Most people don’t give their flooring the time of day. Many see it as the surface beneath their feet and the ground that doesn’t get more than a passing thought. This is where and why so many people go wrong with their flooring options. The right flooring, or the wrong… Read more »
  • Artistic Flooring Ideas for your Home Music Room
    There is no easy solution to what makes the best flooring for a home music room? An imaginative space that should ooze artistic flare and celebrate creative collaboration needs the right flooring to hit the right note. Particularly when teenagers decide they want to be in a band or get… Read more »
  • Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring Right for You?
    Vinyl flooring has come a long way since it first made an impact on homes in the 1930’s. Thanks to a number of advances over the years, the latest evolution features versatile designs that are water and stain resistant, incredibly durable and affordable. To help you decide whether vinyl is… Read more »
  • Why You Should Consider Bamboo Flooring For Your Home
    It’s beautiful to look at, tactile underfoot, sustainably responsible and cheaper than hardwood. Interior designer and author, Tahn Scoon shares her thoughts on why you should consider bamboo… From a design point of view: Like timber, bamboo is a hard flooring that has the benefit of being warm and tactile… Read more »
  • Quick-Step Intenso
    If I had to pick my all-time favourite flooring, it’d be oak, hands down. And if I had to narrow it further, it’d be oak laid in a chevron pattern. Evoking images of old French chateaus and Parisian apartments, chevron oak adds warmth, texture and movement. Generally this style of… Read more »
  • How To Decide Which Rooms Are Best Suited To Carpet
    Carpet transforms a space. It adds style and comfort to your house, instantly making it a home. But what might be a great choice for one room isn’t always true across the hallway. To help you decide which spaces are best suited to carpet, we’ve put together a very simple… Read more »
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