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  • Good, Better, and Best
    In the carpet and flooring industry, it’s natural that some products will perform better than others. The “Good, Better, Best” formula is an efficient way to gauge how the carpet you want will look and perform. Why settle for good carpet when you can have the best? Let’s say you just moved into your forever home, and you’re looking to get new carpet installed. You don’t want to buy cheap carpet that’ll ugly out in a few years. You’ll want to invest in carpeting that will last for fifteen years or longer. A big mistake some homeowners make is buying entry level carpet just because of a low price. It may look good for a little while, but it won’t stay that way for long. We’re not saying that entry level carpet is bad in any way. If you’re selling your home and want to help out the people who will buy your home, an entry level carpet is a great option to lay down to boost the aesthetics of the home. You’re right to consider price when shopping for carpet, but don’t ignore the fact that investing in a cheap product off a store’s shelf will only lead to a disappointing performance and ugly look earlier than expected. A mid-level or luxury level carpet has better texture retention and performance, so it’ll last a lot longer than your entry level products. There’s also less of a chance that footprints will show up. Affordable Rates on Quality Carpet Don’t let the words “luxury” and “best” fool you. You can get top quality carpet at an affordable price.Here at The Carpet Guys, we offer great prices on some of the best carpet products on the market. We want you to have the carpet of your dreams in your home, so we work with your budget. On top of that, we offer carpet financing options for anyone who is interested in it.High-quality carpet doesn’t have to break the bank. Give us a call and get a free carpet estimate scheduled today! The post Good, Better, and Best appeared first on The Carpet Guys. Read more »
  • Recyclable Carpet and Padding Products
    Did you know that five billion pounds of old carpet stack up in our landfills every year? That’s way too much in our opinion.The Carpet Guys care about the impact we have on our environment, and we know you all care as well.That’s why we offer recyclable carpet and eco-friendly carpet cushion to our customers! Benefiting the Environment One Floor at a TimeThe majority of our products are made of P.E.T Polyester, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. This method is also used to create other items like shirts.We take pride in offering American made polyester carpet knowing that it won’t contribute to the landfill pile up and will benefit our customers in amazing ways. While it would take hundreds of years for other fibers to degrade, polyester carpets can be recycled and reused much faster. How nice will you feel knowing that your new carpet is healthy for the environment?The carpet padding we provide with our installations is also recyclable. We have a machine in our warehouse that does the bundling and recycling for us.The machine is filled with pad and compresses the cushion into individual bundles. The bundles are moved into a trailer we have out back and stored for pick up. Each week, The Carpet Guys alone recycles five tons of carpet pad. Our eco-friendly carpet products not only benefit the environment but your health as well. It’s great for people with asthma and allergy conditions and keeps dust out of your breathing space. A good vacuuming will keep anything from getting kicked back up.With Earth Day coming up next, we’d encourage you to look at these eco-friendly carpet options. It will only help the environment and your health, so why wouldn’t you check them out? If you’d like to see samples of eco-friendly carpet samples in your own home, give us a call and schedule a free carpet estimate. We’ll bring our store straight to your door.Renew your carpet with a new product that will benefit the environment both outside and inside your home today! P.S.,Check out the video our Carpet Geek just put up on our YouTube for more information! The post Recyclable Carpet and Padding Products appeared first on The Carpet Guys. Read more »
  • Introducing The Carpet Geek
    Buying new carpet is a big project to tackle. With all the information, products, and variables you need to know, it can seem a little daunting.If you have a guide to lead you through everything, that daunting task can be done in a breeze.Meet our Carpet Geek. In the next few weeks, The Carpet Geek will be breaking down our expansive Carpet Buying Guide in easy-to-digest videos.He’ll cover everything you need to know, from why you’re considering carpet in the first place all the way to proper care and maintenance post-installation.If you haven’t downloaded your FREE copy of the Carpet Buying Guide, you can get it below.Keep your eyes peeled for future videos. Here’s the first video as a reference to what you can expect from the upcoming episodes: The post Introducing The Carpet Geek appeared first on The Carpet Guys. Read more »
  • Considering the Lifespan of Carpet
    Like every good thing in life, carpet doesn’t last forever. The longevity of your carpet depends on the quality of the product and how well you take care of it.Before you buy new carpet for your home, there are a few things you need to consider. How Long do You Need it? The answer to this is all determined by your lifestyle. If you’ve got a super active household, you’ll need a durable carpet that will stand up to the heavy foot-traffic.If your home is peaceful with little foot-traffic, you don’t need the most high-end long lasting carpeting on the market. Your main concern is keeping your carpet looking nice and clean, so consider the different options of carpet available. Maybe a tightly wound Berber carpet will be best for your high-traffic living room instead of the puffy plush carpeting you want. Maybe the plush will last longer in your bedroom instead.If you need carpet that will last longer and not wear out in a few years, look for a higher-end product. The Quality of the Product If you need carpet that’ll last for 15 years, the last thing you want is a cheap quality product.You know the saying “you get what you pay for”? That applies to everything including carpet and flooring. A cheap carpet may look good at first, but it could wear out in three years. You need to invest in your new carpet. It may not be the cheapest project you’ll complete, but a high-quality carpet will benefit you in the long run.We have a ton of high-quality carpet products at affordable prices, so schedule a free carpet estimate with us to see samples right in your own home. Carpet Installer Experience Sometimes it’s not the product that’s an issue, but the craftsmanship from the installer is. Before you buy any carpeting, make sure the installer you work with knows what he’s doing.There’s nothing worse than getting carpet installed and experiencing problems right off the bat. You have to do a little homework before you select and carpet installation company. Unless you work with The Carpet Guys, that is. Why bother spending all your time looking for a company to put your carpet in place when you’ve already found the best?If you’re reading this, then you most likely already know what you want and what you need, right? If that’s true, then pick up the phone… Read more »
  • Before and After: $5,000 Contest Winner!
    Yesterday, we had the privilege to install new carpet for Darcy in Trenton, Michigan. Darcy is our recent $5,000 dollar contest winner and she allowed us to take photos of her project, so we decided to show it to you all! Darcy’s home was built in the late 60s or early 70s and was initially covered in a cream white carpet. Darcy came across the carpet “Spellbound” by Shaw Floors during a showroom visitation and immediately knew that was the carpet for her. Spellbound is a beautiful and comfortable blue-gray plush carpeting. Shaw really outdid themselves with this one, but we will let this living room photo do the talking. We installed Spellbound in many of her rooms including: 1. Kitchen 2. Living Room 3. Den 4. Staircases 5. Landing 6. Hallway 7. Dining AreaDarcy’s project was a big one and came with a few challenges that our guys didn’t expect.Over time, the old carpet and the padding underneath started to wear out and fall apart. A prime example is the padding we found below the carpeting in the den. The original rubber waffle padding that was installed underneath the old carpet became extremely sticky and needed to be scraped off. As the room went through multiple temperature fluctuations, the padding turned into an adhesive rather than a cushion. With a lot of elbow grease and determination, our guys were able to get all of the padding off the tile underneath. After we scraped all the rubber waffle pad off, the new padding was rolled out. The padding we use is a premium eight-pound pad. This is recommended by all manufacturers to ensure a lasting life for your carpet. Once the padding was out, we rolled out the carpet and put it in place. Immediately after the new carpet install, the room felt so much bigger and comfortable. It took two days to complete the project, and Darcy’s house has now been transformed. Spellbound looks fantastic in her home, and we are excited that she’ll be enjoying her new carpeting for years to come. The post Before and After: $5,000 Contest Winner! appeared first on The Carpet Guys. Read more »
  • Advantages of Shop-at-Home Carpet Services
    We live in Michigan; the state of bad drivers, potholes, and construction barrels. Driving to any store, in general, is stressful in itself. It takes gas and it takes time. So why would you go through all that stress driving to a carpet store when you can shop for carpet at home? Why Shop-at-Home Flooring Service? A company (like us) that offers shop-at-home flooring service benefits consumers in many ways, but we’ll cover these three today: Saves GasSaves TimePeace of Mind Gas is expensive, and the prices only rise when we come close to the spring and summer months. Why not use that gas to get to your favorite vacation spot instead of the carpet store.We’ll bring our store straight to your door. You shop for carpet from home right on your couch while we do the traveling and gas burning. From estimate to install, you don’t have to make a single trip to our showroom. On top of saving gas, you’ll save a lot of time. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you may find yourself at the carpet and flooring store for quite a while.By having one of our friendly design consultants out to your home, we’ll help you select the right style of carpet for your home in no time at all.Instead of investing both time and finance into your floor, save time and get the flooring you want with us. We can even install your carpet the next day if you need it.Spend your time on what matters most and what’s important to you. We’ll handle the rest. Lastly, you get carpet installed without any stress that the whole buying process can bring. Consumers worry about pushy salesman, poor craftsmanship, and unprofessional service. With The Carpet Guys, all of that becomes things of the past.Our design consultants are professional and will not rush you to make a decision. We want you to have the carpet of your dreams, and they stand by that desire.Our installers have over thirty years of experience backing their work, so rest assured that your flooring project is in the right hands. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with their craftsmanship and service. If you’d like to make buying new carpet and flooring easier than ever, get a free in-home estimate set with us today! The post Advantages of Shop-at-Home Carpet Services appeared first on The Carpet Guys. Read more »
  • 8 Signs You Need to Replace Your Old Carpet
    Have you ever walked into your house, looked at your old carpet, and just thought “yuck”? Carpeting adds a beautiful flair to any room, but like anything in life, it wears out, and the indications are not hard to see. Here are eight tell-tale signs that show you need to replace your old carpet and give your rooms a makeover. 1. Stains and More Stains If you’ve cleaned you carpeting over and over and those nasty stains are still sitting there mocking you, it’s to renew your carpet. Believe it or not, it will be more cost-effective by getting new carpet rather than endlessly cleaning your carpeting. 2. Nasty Carpet Smells Whether it’s from food, your pets, or the outdoor elements, a nasty smell means it’s time to renovate your carpeting. Sometimes, the deepest cleaning can’t remove nasty carpet odors that are stuck in the fibers and padding of your floor. 3. Wear and Tear Carpet can last up to 15 to 20 years when it’s properly taken care of and protected. But if there’s too much wear and tear, then that carpet has met its end. If your carpet has holes, tears, and rips, it’s not going to be much of an eye-catcher. You can try to cover it up with a rug if you’re adamant about keeping your carpeting, but we recommend getting new carpet installed instead. 4. Increase in Allergy Problems People with breathing issues such as asthma and COPD need allergy-friendly carpet in their homes. If your old carpeting is started to affect your breathing, it’s time to invest in a new carpet that will work with you. We carry many of these products, so ask your design consultant if you have this requirement. 5. Worn Out Carpet Padding It’s a well-known fact that proper carpet padding is important for your carpeting’s life span. Over time, just like carpet, pad starts to wear out as well, especially since it gets walked on every day. Padding can’t be fixed with cleaning, so new carpet is the best solution in this case. 6. Needs an Update As trends change, so does taste. Your carpet could be in fine condition, but if you’re a trendy homeowner, that can be enough to renovate. New carpet adds a much-needed flair to your rooms, especially since floors are more of a focal point nowadays. 7. Mold and Mildew Does carpet get mold… Read more »
  • What is Carpet Density?
    A carpet density rating is one of the factors that determine how well your carpeting will perform. Simply put, carpet density numbers refer to how close together the fibers of your carpet are tufted into the backing. Density is often misconceived as a carpet’s face weight, but these two terms are completely different. Face weight does come into play when you are calculating density, however. How to Calculate Carpet Density To measure carpet density, the following formula is used:1. Carpet face weight multiplied by 362. Divide by carpet pile height3. Equals density measured in ounces per cubic yardFiber height is the length of each carpet fiber from the backing to the tip of the strand itself. In the formula above, we represent the pile height as a fraction of an inch. The number you’ll get from the formula will be a four-digit number. If you’re trying to figure out the density to gauge the quality of your carpeting, don’t use this number alone. The density, face weight, twist, and fiber type number all play a part in quality.Each of those factors is important to keep in mind when selecting the type of carpet you want to get installed. Higher density carpets tend to be more durable, however.Many people say that a carpet density at 3000 or higher is ideal for normal household conditions, but you can discuss those details with your design consultant Skip the Mathematics and make Carpet Easy It’s not a necessity to go through all this math when you have a local carpet company that does it for you. Don’t stress out about checking every carpet density number of carpet samples galore. We have that information for you. Give The Carpet Guys a call and get a free carpet estimate to make buying carpeting an easy a stress-free process.We have you and your floors covered. The post What is Carpet Density? appeared first on The Carpet Guys. Read more »
  • Our Four Pillars of Proper Service
    We get asked what sets us apart from our competition quite a bit nowadays, and we think its an appropriate time to answer that question. This will help you get an idea of why The Carpet Guys is voted #1 consecutively. This is what truly sets us apart. This is who we are. Pillar #1 – Community Driven Our community is everything to us. Without you, we would not exist. Therefore, we develop positive relationships with our internal Carpet Guys family and with the communities that we serve through community engagement, events, and local business partnerships. We are proud to be a Michigan-based business. Pillar #2 – Dedicated As a local flooring business, our focus and dedication are given solely to you, the customer. We are dedicated to all our customers, our craft, and our team, and we commit ourselves to excellence in all. Pillar #3 – Focused Many big box carpet companies try to cut corners and save time, often leaving customers with improper flooring installations. We make our clients’ lives better by providing them with white-glove treatment, one floor at a time. We have a strong outward focus on our customers and a solid inward focus on our internal family. Pillar #4 – Professional To properly install your carpet and flooring, the installers have to be professional and knowledgable in their craft. We are a team of professionals devoted to our clients’ needs and the integrity of our company. Our code of ethics ensures complete satisfaction for each customer and the continued progression of our team. We put you first. If you aren’t satisfied completely, then neither are we. We are community driven. We are dedicated. We are focused. We are professional. We are The Carpet Guys, and we are here for you. Get new carpet and flooring from a company who cares. Schedule your free flooring estimate with us today!The post Our Four Pillars of Proper Service appeared first on The Carpet Guys. Read more »
  • 2019 Kitchen Trends of the U.S.A.
    Our friends over at Houzz ran a survey in which 1,337 people gave feedback on how they would be renovating their kitchens in 2019. Based on these findings, Houzz put together a list of what kitchen trends they believe will be sticking around throughout the year. Stay In or Get Out If you’ve ever renovated a room, the majority of you probably leave your house and go out while the work is getting done. This seems to have changed for 2019. According to Houzz’s findings, 66% of homeowners prefer to be present while the renovation takes place. 26% of homeowners move out temporarily and the other 8% move out completely. The people who stay in the home report having less stress during the renovation. This must be because they feel they have more control and know what’s happening in their kitchen. Technologic Additions About 57% of homeowners have upgraded their faucets to high-tech gear. These materials are water-efficient, fingerprint resistant, and touch-free. One in ten upgraded kitchens opt for black stainless steel appliances, and we don’t blame them. Black is perfection. 16% of the other high-tech appliances have features like wireless controls, and home assistant robotics has grown in popularity by 31%. Farmhouse Style and Metal Mixing Although 21% of people agree that transitional kitchen styles are still the most popular option, Houzz found out that farmhouse style kitchens are on the rise by 14% so far, putting it on par with contemporary kitchen styles at 15% of popular votes. Gray cabinets are growing in popularity as well. In our industry, we’re also seeing gray carpet and flooring as one of the most demanded products on the market. Finishings in various metals are also making a statement with hardware types including matte nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and matte black. Engineered Wood Flooring and Materials Homeowners, 40% of them to be exact, are shying away from natural hardwood floors and moving to other better-suited options like: Engineered Hardwood Flooring Luxury Vinyl Plank (See COREtec for Example) Waterproof Laminate Flooring (See RevWood for example) 24% of people still prefer natural hardwood in their kitchen, but that looks like it’s dying out. By the way, if you need help getting the perfect kitchen flooring installed, we can help you out with that. Just give us a call and set up a free flooring estimate. Aging Needs People over the age of 55 seem to address… Read more »
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