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  • The Magic of Aladdin Carpet
    Who’s excited for the new Aladdin movie coming out this weekend? We sure are! In celebration of the Aladdin live-action movie by Disney, Mohawk is offering specials on their Aladdin carpet line. Never heard of it? Here’s some info. Aladdin Carpet by Mohawk Floors The Aladdin carpet offers a whole new world of benefits that a majority of products don’t. For starters, the majority of carpets in the Aladdin line come with Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel technology. In short, it’s going to be hard to stain your magic carpet. Mohawk even backs this up with a lifetime stain resistance warranty. Secondly, Aladdin carpet is great for the environment. The fiber is made from 100% post-consumer recycled content. If you’re an environmentalist like us, installing an eco-friendly floor is a no brainer. Thirdly, Mohawk’s Aladdin carpet is made from PET. This makes it easy to clean and helps it perform better than competing products. If you’re a busy person, you’ll benefit from this for sure. Last but not least, Aladdin carpet comes in a smorgasbord of colors. Starting at your common neutrals all the way to purple and dark green, like Weston Hill, for example, there is an option for everyone, and we mean everyone. Let your personal style and design schemes come to life with the endless options Aladdin carpet has to offer. A Couple Extras If the benefits above weren’t enough to convince you, here’s a few bonuses to give you an extra push: Lifetime soil resistance warrantyLifetime pet urine resistance warrantyAbrasion warrantiesTexture retention warranties On top of that, we offer our special lifetime installation warranty as icing on the cake. You really can’t miss with this stuff. If you’d like to take a look at Aladdin carpet from the comfort of your own home, give us a call and get a free carpet estimate set up today. You don’t need a genie and a wish to get this carpet in your home. Just pick up your phone and call us today. The post The Magic of Aladdin Carpet appeared first on The Carpet Guys. Read more »
  • The Best Carpet for a Young Homeowner
    More and more young people are buying homes today, and flooring is going to be a concern at some point in time. If you’ve just bought your first house, we want to congratulate you and give you a tip. New carpet is going to complete your home in a beautiful way, and it doesn’t have to break your bank. We’re sure that your main concern about getting carpet that you like is your budget. You did just buy a house, after all. But don’t worry, investing in your floor may seem like an expensive endeavor, but its going to pay off in the long run. Think of your cabinets, for example. Do you want to install cheap cabinets just to remove them and install new ones down the line? Of course not. Save yourself a headache or two and get a product you’ll enjoy for fifteen years or more. The trick is knowing what you need versus what you want. To make this easier on you, we broke the important aspects down for you. Performance If you plan on staying in your new home for a while, you’re going to need carpet that will last that duration of time. Once again, why settle for a product you’ll replace in three years or less. The value of your carpet isn’t found in the price tag. It’s found in the performance and satisfaction your carpeting provides. Invest in a floor that will last. You’ll be better off in the long run. Style Points It might seem enticing to select what’s trendy, but some carpet trends come and go in the blink of an eye. To keep your home stylish and looking good, select a color of carpet that can work with multiple design ideas. Neutral colors like beige, gray, and taupe are great choices. By no means are we saying you can’t select what you want. That’s completely up to you. Just remember you have to live with what you choose, so pick wisely. Quality If you’re looking for something cheap to lay down quickly, it’ll make you happy for a little while. Unfortunately, that’ll fade out quickly. You want to select a type of carpet that’s high-quality and durable. If you’ve got a pet already or children in the plans, your carpet is going to take a beating, so quality is going to make or break your floor. If you need… Read more »
  • Waterproof Flooring: This or That
    In recent years, the demand for waterproof wood flooring has created a decent amount of products. With this large amount of product creation, consumers are starting to ask a very common question: “Which one should I choose for my home?” Luckily, your friendly neighborhood Carpet Guys are here to help you out. In this article, we cover four different waterproof flooring products and give you our personal choice of what is best. Welcome to the “This or That: Waterproof Edition”! Mohawk RevWood and COREtec Mohawk RevWood is a waterproof laminate flooring. COREtec by US Floors is a waterproof luxury vinyl plank. We’ll list the specs of each that are directly listed on the sample boards so you can compare and contrast. RevWood – 100% Waterproof (Waterproof Core)Waterproof perimeter and joint installationAll pet protection, all accidents, all the timeProtective wear layer for added scratch resistance and enhanced long-lasting beautyGreat wood flooring for basements, mudrooms, bathrooms, and kitchensLaminate wood flooring without compromise COREtec – Some of the largest luxury vinyl plank options available100% waterproofBeautiful hardwood detail and embossed grain patternsCan be installed over existing hard surface floorsHides subfloor imperfectionsNo acclimation requiredPet-proof, kid proof, and life proof Choosing between these two all comes down to your preference in a product. Both RevWood and COREtec are fantastic wood-look flooring types that excel in performance and beauty. If you want to know more about these two products, our design consultant will tell you much more about them over a free in-home estimate. Mohawk SolidTech or Sierra Tahoe Encore Although these aren’t the most demanded products on the line compared to the other two above, they still have a lot of benefits to offer. SolidTech – 100% WaterproofGreat for basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and mudroomsDimensional stability and strong dent resistanceAll pet protectionStrong and durable LVPMultiple color options and styleAlso comes in a tile look Encore – Fade-resistantWear-resistantBurn-resistantStain-resistantSlip-resistant100% waterproofLimited colored LVP If you’re looking for a smorgasbord or color options between these two, SolidTech by Mohawk is definitely the option you should go with. If you’re a traditionalist and want to hone in on a select color, Encore is a good choice. At the end of the day, you want to pick a product that lines up with your lifestyle and your taste in design. Let us know what you’d like to see in your home, and we’ll bring it to you. The post Waterproof Flooring: This or… Read more »
  • Keeping Michigan Money in Michigan
    Whether it’s food, products, or services, the economic benefits of local shopping are evident. What are the benefits of buying locally made products? Glad you asked. Since The Carpet Guys believe in supporting Michigan economy by keeping the money you spend with us right here in Michigan, we can answer your question. 5 Reasons to Join the Buy Local Movement For this conversation, we’re sticking to the service portion of shopping local mainly because we don’t offer food or edible flooring. Improving the Local Economy As a Michigander, the money you spend on local businesses in your home state keeps a majority of that cash cycling through the community. Owners of local businesses tend to refer their customers to other local establishments for both personal and business reasons. For example, our owner, Joe Zago, is huge on bettering Michigan’s local economy and has developed multiple community relationships for that purpose. Simply put, by purchasing flooring from a locally-owned carpet store like us, you help Michigan’s economy with every dollar spent. Know Who You’re Buying From One of the coolest things about buying local is knowing the people you’re purchasing a product from. With national chains, you’ll most likely never know who is the head of the team. Service and buying processes are more personal and relational than simply picking up a product off a store shelf. You don’t get this personal investment with a big box chain. On top of that, you’ve got a better chance of getting something fixed when it goes wrong. For example, The Carpet Guys offer lifetime installation warranties on the projects we handle. If anything related to installation goes wrong, we’ll fix it for free. Community Uniqueness One of the best thing about traveling is all the unique shops and places you get to visit while there. It’s the local stores that make a community unique. As a local, it makes sense to buy from the shops in your town. You help them stay in business and the unique flair of your community continues forward. Quality Customer Service As a locally-owned business, we aim to offer high-quality attentive service to our customers. You’ve got better chances of this kind of white-glove treatment with a local company vs. a national chain any day. You’ve also got a better chance of the business owner having personal connections with all their employees. This means there’s a personal approach… Read more »
  • To All You Supermoms Out There…
    Happy Mother’s Day! Moms are thousands of blessings wrapped into one person. We wouldn’t be here without them, after all. To show our appreciation to all the Moms out there, we want to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day and give you something special. A Mother’s Day Gift from Us to You We appreciate all of the mothers out there, so we’re offering you a Mother’s Day special discount on carpet just for your special day. We’re sure you’re content with the flowers and the chocolates you get every year, but what if your family gifted you fresh and new carpet? We guarantee you’d be excited. Well, with your special Mother’s Day deal, carpet is much more affordable for you and your home. All you have to do is either give us a call yourself or convince your family to call us because you really want that Mother’s Day carpet (and we know you do). Get your free carpet estimate set up today. And once again… The post To All You Supermoms Out There… appeared first on The Carpet Guys. Read more »
  • Carrots, Radishes, and Carpet
    What the heck do carrots and radishes have to do with carpet? This is probably what you’re thinking right now. If you’ve ever looked at the extra information on carpet samples, some of them have a diagram that shows a radish and a carrot. This diagram refers to the carpet color dying process, which we will explain. Piece Dyed vs. Solution Dyed Carpet If you cut open a carrot, you’ll see that the orange color goes all the way through it. If you cut open a radish, the purple-reddish color is only skin deep. The rest of it is a bright white. The same concept is applied to solution dyed carpet and piece dyed carpet. Solution Dyed Carpet Solution dying is used to add color to synthetic fibers. The dye is added when the fiber is in liquid form. The liquid is pressed through tiny holes in a machine and then drawn out to create the yarn. When the yarn comes out, the desired carpet colors are already applied because of the previously added dye. Solution dying creates the most colorfast yarn because the color is added earlier in the creation process. The color is locked in tight and goes all the way through the fiber like a carrot. On top of that, solution dyed fiber benefits the environment by saving water usage, energy usage, and the chemicals used are eco-friendly and cost-effective. Piece Dyed Carpet Piece dying takes place after the carpet is made. While piece dying creates bright tones and a larger variety of color, it only penetrates the outer surface of the fibers. The rest of it doesn’t absorb the color. The piece dying method is more laborious and requires more chemicals and additives. It’s not as environmentally friendly as solution dyed fibers and stains are more likely to sit in the carpet. If you have more questions about this, feel free to ask your design consultant during your free carpet estimate. Our guys are full of information and have answers for any questions you may have. Give us a call to get started today! The post Carrots, Radishes, and Carpet appeared first on The Carpet Guys. Read more »
  • What Carpet Should You Buy if You’re Moving?
    First, we’d like to congratulate you and finding a new home! Now you’re in the process of selling your old house, and you want as much money as you can get for it. Did you know that installing carpet boosts the value of your home and increases its chances of being purchased? Buying carpet for selling a home is one of the best decisions you can make when putting your house up on the market. It’s a well-known fact that new carpet makes it easier for a buyer to see themselves in the house. It takes a little bit of stress off their shoulders while they plan out their desired improvements. Think about it. No one wants to buy a home that has old stained carpet from the early 70’s. A worn out carpet isn’t going to help you get top dollar for your home either. Replacing your old carpet is our best tip for selling your home, and we’re going to help you do it right with these three focus points: CostSubfloor ImperfectionsPersonal PreferenceType of CarpetCarpet Color Let’s get started. Cost of Carpet One thing to keep in mind is that prices on carpet vary from product to product and company to company. Keep an eye out for deals and specials that carpet companies offer. Some flooring companies may try to swing you over to installing hardwood to sell your home. While hardwood does offer the best resale value, carpet is much more affordable. Your project may require trims and moldings as well, so be sure to ask the company you work with about that. Some people try to sneak in extra costs for those without telling you. If you work with The Carpet Guys, we’ll tell you everything you’ll need up to complete your project upfront. No hidden prices and no cutting corners. You’ll also save your hard earned money. Subfloor Problems If you’ve considered installing hardwood prior to selling, one thing you need to keep in mind is your subfloor. If your subfloor isn’t level, you’ll notice after the wood is installed. Carpet hides these imperfections and minimizes the appearance of any imperfections. It also reassures any potential buyer that it’s a minor concern that can be lived with or repaired. We’re not saying that you’re hiding this from buyers. Your real estate agent will give you good advice on this. Personal Preference This point applies to… Read more »
  • The Perfect Carpet for Your Forever Home
    Whether you just moved in or have been living there for a while, your current home is where you’re staying. It’s your forever home.Since you’re there to stay, you want your home to be a place you love walking into and staying in daily. Our point of focus: your forever home floors. The majority of people who want carpet in there home desire a soft cloud-like carpet. But there are different carpet options for those who’d like to choose another route. Remember, you want to choose carpet that will last long and look good for a while. You’re not going anywhere, so you have to like the carpet you go with. Let’s cover the four main types of carpet and what sets them apart from each other. We guarantee that finding the right carpet will be much easier after you give this a read. Plush Carpet If you prefer a soft and luxurious feeling carpet, plush carpet is the perfect option for you. Plush has a rich velvet-like feel and offers a timeless and elegant look to any room in the home. For those who like to lie down on the floor (we know you’re out there), plush is a great choice. There are different ranges in pile options and softness, so consider your lifestyle when deciding on a plush product. Frieze Carpet To give your rooms an off-the-cuff casual flair, frieze carpet is your best friend. Frieze has a unique twist rate application to its fibers. The higher the twist rate, the more durable the carpeting will be. Frieze is one of the trendiest carpet styles on the market right now, and it doesn’t look like its slowing down. Keep your home trendy for years with frieze. Berber Carpet A tight-looped berber carpet is going to be great for a home that has heavy traffic throughout the day. Berber is a durable and hard-wearing carpet that withstands a lot of beating s busy life can dish out. Vacuum marks don’t show up on berber as much compared to other styles of carpeting. If you’ve got a busy household and a couple of kids running around, berber carpet may be the perfect option for your forever home. Patterned Carpet For those who aren’t into plain typical styles of carpeting, let your personal design taste shine with patterned carpet. Major manufacturers like Mohawk floors have create amazing patterned styles of carpeting.… Read more »
  • Considering Carpet Performance
    Have you ever heard of a carpet rating scale before? Simply put, it gauges how well your carpet will perform.No one wanst carpet that’ll ugly out in three years, so carpet performance is important to consider when you start shopping around. Carpet performance rating is affected by three things: Product QualityInstaller ExperienceProper Maintenance Let’s take five minutes and break these down for you. It’ll make selecting the right carpet for your home a little easier. Carpet Quality and Performance If you’ve got an active home environment with some kids and a dog, you’ll need high-traffic carpet for sure. The last thing you want to do is buy a cheap carpet that’ll get destroyed in two years time. We understand how tempting it can be to buy carpet based off price alone, but trust us, it’ll hurt in the long run. Investing in carpet that will withstand your type of home environment will pay off in the end. Think of this way. You’re not going to buy a sports car when you need a vehicle that has great gas mileage. Why would you buy carpet that does well in low-traffic conditions for your busy and active living room? It doesn’t make sense. Start looking at high-quality durable carpet from trusted carpet brands like DreamWeaver and Mohawk. We carry a ton of their products if you’d like to see some. Importance of Craftsmanship Even if you select the most durable carpet on the planet, a novice carpet installer won’t get you the best performance out of your floors. Improper installation can lead to a ton of problems and a splitting headache for you and your family. It’s important for you to hire a professional carpet installation company that knows what they’re doing. The carpet installers on our team know how to handle your project. Whatever needs you have, we’ll make sure our crews handle it properly. Call us biased, but our installers are some of the best in the business. After all, “carpet” is our middle name. Proper Carpet Maintenance This is where your effort is required in protecting the lifespan of your carpet. Carpet performance stays at an all time high when you maintain it correctly. You’ll need to vacuum enough depending on your lifestyle and foot-traffic. Low-traffic rooms can get away with a vacuuming once a week while high-traffic areas will need it once every day or two. Make sure… Read more »
  • 10 Top Trending Colors of 2019 and the Floors to Match
    One of the best aspects of selecting a new flooring product is the design and color matching process. This is where your personal taste in style and design shines throughout your home. The most important item of your home to match if your wall color. If you like to keep the colors in your trendy, your choice in flooring has to line up your desired color scheme. Listed below are the top ten colors of 2019 and the type and color of flooring that will match best. Hazelnut Hazelnut is a warm and creamy shade of white that has never gone out of style and never will. It won’t clash with the furnishings you’ve already got in your room as well. This is a light color and brightens up any space. It also makes the room look open and larger than it is. Flooring that goes well with Hazelnut: Light or dark carpet, light or dark hardwood, laminate, or luxury vinyl plank. Lilac Gray Lilac Gray is a moody neutral paint color that’ll pull out a lot of emotion from your space, making it one of 2019’s preferred undertones. Lilac Gray tends to make other gray shades a little warmer and cheery. Rooms that boast lilac shades feel refreshing and homey. Its subtle shade opens up a lot of room for design inspiration as well. Flooring that goes well with Lilac Gray: Gray carpet (different shades) and dark colored hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl plank. Dark Greens Dark Greens, like Hunter Green, are rich colors and have exploded into 2019’s top color roster and is a viable color to incorporate into your design scheme. Muted and moody deep greens emulate a luscious botanical and healing feeling, like that of nature, to any room of the home. If you looking to set a tone with a strong foundational hue, Dark Greens will be your best friends. Dark Green works best in larger rooms that are well lit, as the intensity of the color can overpower small areas.Flooring that works well with Dark Green: Dark brown hardwood, laminate, and LVP. Muted Pastels By Muted Pastels, we’re referring to chalky tones like a soft white. Its a nice break from all the neon and fluorescent colors that have been trending as of late. Muted Pastels are perfect for the minimalist lifestyle, creating a wide open look and feel to your rooms. Plus, your… Read more »
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