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  • White High Gloss Laminate Flooring Sets the Stage in This Dreamy Mountain Cabin
    When two creatives approached Bestlaminate to help them with their 1970’s mountain cabin remodel in Cle Elum, Washington, it was an instant yes! With a vision to create a modern space, while using the original architectural elements, a white high gloss laminate flooring was the perfect choice to let this cabin shine. Yuriy and Julia Manchik bought “Timber Stilts“, a two bedroom, one bath cabin, as a vacation home fixer-upper. The couple loved many aspects of the home and wanted to keep as much of the original architecture as possible. Their favorite element in the home was the suspended chimney that is the focal point of the open concept layout. The cabin before renovations. The couple also wanted to highlight the beautiful woodwork and windows in the cabin. To extend the natural light throughout the whole space, they tore down the wall to the kitchen and opened up the main living space completely. The interior design of the home is a minimal, Scandinavian design concept to modernize the space, but not overpower the architectural beauty of the cabin. Yuriy and Julia used a white and black color scheme throughout the home, creating a winter cabin of their dreams! Julia decorated the home using clean lines, modern furniture and eye-catching light fixtures. To give the space warmth, she used fur pillows, shag rugs and accent materials that have texture. The cabin has two bedrooms, which feature the white high gloss laminate flooring. With wood paneled walls, the flooring helps add brightness and light to the rooms. Patterned rugs and mid-century modern furniture continue the minimalist feel. This final shot shows off the stunning architecture and dimension the high gloss flooring gives this mountain cabin. Are you loving the design of this mountain get-away? Shop our white flooring options and create the home of your dreams! Other Home Tours You May Like: Colorado Dream Home that WOW’ed EveryoneModern Meets Traditional in Award Winning FarmhouseWPC Flooring Gives this Home an Updated Look The post White High Gloss Laminate Flooring Sets the Stage in This Dreamy Mountain Cabin appeared first on Bestlaminate Blog. Read more »
  • She-Shed DIY Photo Studio That Will Make You Want One
    Karen Robert’s is no stranger to creating beautiful DIY photography studios. She decorated her first home photography studio with Classen Fresco laminate flooring, a whitewashed floor that can be staged for any occasion. For her second project, she teamed up with her husband and Bestlaminate to build a DIY photo studio in the form of a “she-shed” that will not only be used for portrait sessions but also passion projects, such as knitting and painting. After getting approval from their HOA, Karen and her husband began building the she-shed from scratch in August. They worked together to build the structure, install the laminate flooring and find unique design elements, like the antique windows. The goal of the project was to just create a really cool outdoor space. I’ve been a professional photographer for 20 years and I am always looking for new and unique sets for photo shoots. The she-shed will definitely be used as a photoshoot haven as well as a fun place to just relax or do some of my hobbies painting, knitting, and weaving. The she-shed is located in the back corner of Karen’s yard, in a sunny spot to create the best natural light opportunities for her photography. The she-shed measures 144 square feet and is 12′ x 12′. My husband has a love for design and building and I have a love of creating and decorating. We came together on this his design and my decor. The inside of Karen’s she-shed studio isn’t your typical, painted walls. She decided to do floor to ceiling laminate in her studio. Instead of using her first favorite, Classen Premium Fresco flooring, she went with another unique laminate, Kronoswiss Shabby Chic Laminate from BestLaminate. Best Laminate was always in my head for the flooring and walls. We have Best Laminate throughout our entire home and both my indoor studios, so using this flooring was a no brainer for me. It’s unique and really easy to install! I love fabric and texture and choose this particular flooring because of its textured look. It really looks like real wood that has been distressed. Karen and her husband installed the laminate flooring on all of the walls first, and then installed the planks on the floor. Skip the paint and have completed DIY walls in no time! We ran into some major crunch time at the end! On Halloween, we teamed up to install… Read more »
  • The Ultimate Guide to Laminate Flooring Underlayment
    Underlayment is an important step for any laminate flooring installation. There are several factors you will need to consider when choosing an underlayment. Learn more about what you should know before buying a laminate flooring underlayment. What Is Flooring Underlayment? It is a thin foam pad, often made of polyethylene or polypropylene, which is laid on the sub-floor before installing the laminate. Most laminate floors on the market today require an underlayment to be installed. While there are manufacturers who offer floors with an underlayment attached, this is a special feature and is not included with all products. Laminate flooring underlayment is available is a wide variety of styles. Why is Flooring Underlayment Necessary? Laminate flooring is not nailed or glued down, so it needs some form of cushion between the subfloor and laminate to allow it to float easily. Think of it like a large jigsaw puzzle, which will be expanding and shifting as the climate changes. To avoid any damage due to friction between the laminate and your sub-floor, the underlayment must be laid first to give the laminate a smooth surface on which to float. Which Underlayment Should I Use? While the concept of underlayment seems simple enough, all laminate underlayments are not created equal. Different manufactures offer many different features, which can enhance the feel and performance of your laminate floor. To help you figure out which underlayment will meet your needs, we have put together some more information on the underlayments that we offer. Before reading on, first ask yourself these two very important questions: 1. What Is Your Sub-floor? If you are installing laminate over a concrete sub-floor, it is very important that a vapor barrier is used to prevent any possible damage due to the moisture released by the concrete. This is simply a sheet of thin plastic material, like Visqueen Vapor Block, that will stop any moisture from being absorbed into the laminate core. Many of the underlayments from Bestlaminate offer 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 underlayments, which include a vapor barrier as well as padding. This saves you the time and money associated with installing a separate vapor barrier. If you are installing over a wood or existing subfloor, you will not need to worry about a moisture barrier underlayment. Unless you require other properties, such as sound reduction, a standard foam underlayment will work for your project. 2. Is This A Second Floor Installation? If you are… Read more »
  • What are pros and cons of vinyl plank flooring?
    The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Plank Flooring Vinyl plank flooring is one of the most popular flooring choices for busy households, offices, cafes and commercial applications. There are many pros to vinyl flooring, one being it is 100% waterproof, but there are also a few cons you may want to consider depending on your needs. Below is a list of the most important pros and cons of vinyl plank flooring that may help you in your buying decision. Pros Cons 100% Moisture Resistant Difficult to remove if glued down Commercial Grade Wear Layer Can be punctured with very sharp objects WPC, SPC and Rigid Core Constructions Some vinyls can dent with heavy objects on top of them Antistatic Not biodegradable Can be used on cement, granite, tile, laminate and other flat subfloors Can show fading and discoloration with excessive UV exposure DIY Installation – click lock, glue down or loose lay Variety of decor options – wood, stone, cement, etc. Low maintenance & easy to clean Options for any budget The Pros of Vinyl Flooring The biggest advantage of vinyl plank flooring is the fact that it is 100% water resistant. This makes it the ideal flooring solution for spaces such as basements, kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants and cafes. It is a great option for those with pets that worry about accidents. In addition, vinyl plank flooring is very durable with commercial grade wear layers that can withstand heavy traffic. Larger commercial spaces can benefit from a glue down vinyl installation. Many businesses and households love that vinyl is durable and easy to maintain. Regular sweeping and weekly mopping is all you need to keep your floors looking great. With advances in vinyl plank flooring, you can find vinyl floors with rigid core construction, making them more dimensionally stable and sturdy. In today’s market, you have many options when it comes to vinyl flooring. You can find vinyl plank flooring with attached underlayment, thicknesses up to 8mm or more and hand scraped textures. Vinyl flooring can be installed on nearly any subfloor, with the thicker floors being forgiving to imperfect subfloors. Luxury vinyl plank flooring has a DIY installation with either a click lock, glue down or loose lay installation method. The affordability, durability and appearance makes vinyl plank flooring a great option for busy spaces without the price tag of real wood or tile! The Cons of Vinyl Flooring As with any product, there… Read more »
  • Do I need underlayment to install vinyl plank flooring?
    Do I need underlayment to install vinyl plank flooring? This is a question we get daily! It is important to know if you need underlayment or not with a vinyl flooring installation. Unlike laminate flooring, most vinyl floors are designed to lay directly on top of the subfloor. The type of vinyl flooring and type of subfloor you have will determine if you are able to use a vinyl flooring underlayment. Subfloor Considerations: Before installing a vinyl floor, you will need to make sure your subfloor meets these requirements: In good condition Free of damages Smooth Clean & dust free Concrete Subfloors: If you are installing your vinyl plank flooring over a concrete subfloor, you may want to use an underlayment for three reasons. First, it will give you some added cushion to help make the floor softer to walk on. Second, you may want an extra vapor barrier above the subfloor to reduce any risk of moisture. Lastly, underlayments can provide thermal properties to help keep the flooring warmer in cold months. Wood Subfloors: For vinyl flooring installations over wood subfloors, you will not need to worry about a moisture barrier, but you may want an underlayment for added cushion or sound reduction. It may also be a requirement in certain HOA or apartment complexes to have a sound barrier with your flooring. Existing Floors: When you’re installing vinyl floors over an existing subfloor, such as tile or linoleum, you can use an underlayment for added cushion and sound reduction. Moisture will not be an issue for you in this case. Keep in mind that an installation over tile should include filling in any grout lines and uneveness. Also, you will want to make sure the flooring is in good condition before installing over it. Vinyl Flooring Differences: After assessing your subfloor needs, it is important to know the different types of vinyl installation that are available. The type of vinyl will impact your decision whether you need to purchase underlayment to install vinyl flooring or not. Compare Vinyl Flooring > Click Lock Vinyl Plank Flooring Click Lock Vinyl flooring has a locking system that is similar to laminate flooring, but it typically has a thinner construction. With new advances in luxury vinyl flooring, options now range from 2mm to 8mm+. The rule of thumb is any vinyl over 4mm can have a vinyl specific underlayment. With thinner vinyl flooring construction, adding… Read more »
  • How to Calculate Square Footage of a Room
    Calculating Square Footage of a Room: Knowing how to calculate the square footage of a room is essential when you are planning to buy new flooring. Figuring out your square footage is quite easy! Use our free square footage calculator to make calculating your square footage even easier. To measure the total square footage of flooring you will need for your project, you must find the square footage of all the areas in the room that you are going to install your new floor in. This includes little nooks and crannies. When you’ve done that, you just add all of those measurements together. Planning a new flooring project takes time and countless measurements. Be sure to double and triple check your measurements, especially when ordering an item that you cannot find locally or you’re purchasing your flooring online. Knowing the exact amount and ordering 5-10% more will prevent you from paying double shipping costs down the road to return excess boxes or order additional material. Before you order, you will need to know the square footage of your room, as well as how many square feet are in each box of flooring you want to purchase. Square footage per box will depend on the type of floor and manufacturer. This will differ floor to floor! If you order on, all you will need to do is enter the square footage needed and it will automatically calculate the number of boxes needed. On other platforms, you may need to do the math yourself. How to Calculate Square Footage of a Room: Depending on the layout of your space, you may use one of the methods below to calculate your square footage. Regardless, the base equation is the length of your room multiplied by the width of your room. It is not complicated at all, but it could get seem tricky when your room isn’t a perfect rectangle. Below, we will walk you through several room scenarios and describe the process of calculating the square footage of each. To start, you will need: Tape measure Calculator Notepad and pen/pencil or a device to record your measurements Next, follow our steps that apply to your room layout. 1. How to measure and calculate the square footage of a simple, rectangular room: Calculating square footage of a rectangular room is a very simple equation. To calculate the square footage, you will multiply the length of the room by the… Read more »
  • Modern WPC Vinyl Gives this Split Level House an Updated Look
    From linoleum to modern WPC vinyl, this traditional split style home turned into a first-time home buyers dream. Our friends at the Wright Group Real Estate are expert house flippers and saw the potential in this family home right away. This three bedroom, two bath home features an open main floor with a living room, dining area and kitchen. From the main floor, the home opens to a split level design with bedrooms on the second floor and more entertaining space below. Knowing this would most likely be a family home, the Wright’s went with a modern, 100% waterproof WPC vinyl to withstand anything the homeowners would experience and be easily maintained through kids, pets and entertaining. The Anchor Light Barn Oak is a wood plastic composite (WPC) vinyl that has the stability of a laminate with the waterproof capabilities of a vinyl. It has a 5.5mm core with a 1.5mm vinyl top coat that is easily installed by click and lock. This floor withstands heavy traffic, stains, pet accidents and water. Let’s take a closer look at the finished look! The Open Main Floor The front door opens to an open floor plan, including a sitting room, kitchen and dining area. A bright picture window gives the sitting room a beautiful warm glow. As you continue into the home, it flows into the dining room and kitchen. The dining room features large sliding glass windows to give the space even more natural light. The dining room is connected to a high-end white kitchen that features stainless steel appliances, plenty of storage space and granite counter tops. Cooking would be a breeze with all of the counter space! The light brown vinyl gives this space a neutral and modern look that combines all elements of the home together. This kitchen sure came together! Take a look at the in-progress look before the floors, counters and appliances. The main floor then opens up to the downstairs entertaining space and three upstairs bedrooms. We love the end result of this house flip with the modern WPC vinyl flooring! Are you a fan of this look? If you’re looking for a floor that will withstand a busy household, we have some great options here. More Inspiration Here: Unbelievable Before and After House Flip in Ohio Coastal Home Remodel with Reclaimed Floors Award Winning Colorado Dream Home The post Modern WPC Vinyl Gives this Split… Read more »
  • COREtec PRO Plus Enhanced Collection – Get More with Rigid Core!
    COREtec PRO Plus Enhanced Collection features enhanced painted bevels for ultra-realistic wood and stone looks, as well as a rigid core construction. Together, these features represent the next revolution in flooring and make this collection suitable for both residential and commercial use. Pro Plus Enhanced floors can be installed in high-traffic and high-moisture areas. Constructed from a high-density composition with special top and bottom layers for added stability, the rigid core provides superior impact and dent resistance. All styles in the COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced Collection feature the patented COREtec technology, making them 100% waterproof. COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced floors can be installed in wet areas and will never swell when exposed to water. All COREtec floors are dimensionally stable, and will not expand or contract due to temperature or humidity under normal conditions. COREtec PRO Plus Enhanced Portchester Oak 50RLV2003 COREtec PRO Plus Enhanced Collection Benefits The PRO Plus Enhanced Collection has many benefits and perks for your home, business, or office flooring project. Some benefits include: 7mm thickness made of Rigid Core Vinyl + WPC Pre-Attached Cork Underlayment Enhanced Painted Micro-Beveled Edges Click Tap/Angle Glueless Locking System Superior Dent and Impact Resistance 100% Waterproof Lifetime Residential/10-Year Commercial Warranty COREtec GreenGuard Gold certification meaning you can rest easy as COREtec considers safety factors to account for sensitive individuals (such as children and the elderly), and ensures that their flooring is acceptable for use even in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities. Sound like the floor you’re looking for? Save time and money with this top-rated brand in the industry. View all of the COREtec PRO Plus Enhanced Collection on our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. The post COREtec PRO Plus Enhanced Collection – Get More with Rigid Core! appeared first on Bestlaminate Blog. Read more »
  • White Laminate Flooring Accompanies Designer’s Beautiful Adult “Tree-House”
    The Inside Look of a Designer’s Home The Owner and Principal designer of “The Design Firm”, Kara Wuellner, had a vision to create an adult tree-house in her home that showcased her inventive style. By using Quick-Step Eligna White Brushed Pine laminate flooring, Kara had a blank canvas to let her unique personality come to life. White laminate flooring is the perfect match for modern, coastal or artistic styles. Before The Decor Choosing white laminate flooring paired with white walls and furniture allowed Kara to fully embrace The Design Firm’s “the sky is the limit” design style. The finished project can be described as vibrant and textured, with brilliant pops of color. The Design Firm reimagined the elevated space to create a luxury tree-house, perfect for gathering with friends and family. We love how this neutral palette offers a timeless design which will allow the tree-house to evolve in the future. Some may find themselves overwhelmed in such a blank space, but for Kara and her team, this is a blank canvas ready for some ingenious creativity. Welcome To The “Tree-house” Although this space isn’t an actual tree-house, it offers a whimsical adult tree-house vibe as it sits up so high on the property. The decor is brilliant, but don’t forget to look out the windows when admiring the photos. We are willing to bet you would catch some gorgeous Texas sunsets out the numerous windows the tree-house offers. “This space has tons of windows, so keeping things light and airy forces the eye to look outside. It also allows for the vibrant colors of outdoors to flood indoors and bring a nice green pop of color to the table! This space is bold, crisp, clean, modern, unorthodox and cozy!” “The flooring is so incredibly natural looking, that you really feel like you’re in a luxurious tree house!” Designing Decision’s When you speak with an interior designer, you realize that there is so much more to consider when designing than small accents, wall color, and furniture. “There is definitely some “whimsy” in all of our designs, and that is solely due to our visionary and Principal Designer, Kara. We went with a tone-on-tone design so that if she wanted to bring in new art, re-vamp the color palette etc., it was easy to do because all of the main staples of the space were neutral.” When designing the tree-house, there were multiple aspects… Read more »
  • Timeless Designs Everlasting Collection – Modern, Yet Rustic
    Timeless Designs Everlasting Collection develops a picture perfect environment with its realistic hardwood appearance and waterproof properties. This vinyl comes with micro-beveled edges and synchronized texturing that replicate reclaimed wood finish. You’ll see the textured finish run through every grain and knotting to give it a real-world feel at your fingertips. Large and wide plank sizes will open your room to different options of décor and style; these floors are beautiful, yet durable with a 20mil wear layer durability rating, a perfect choice for home or office. This is a truly stunning LVT that stands apart from the rest Timeless Designs Everlasting Bold Wood EVERLBOWO Vinyl Flooring Timeless Designs Everlasting Collection Benefits The Everlasting Collection has many benefits and perks for your home, business, or office flooring project. Some benefits include: 100% Waterproof – can be used in kitchens, full baths, and more! Can be installed over in-floor hydronic or electric radiant heat systems Angle-Angle Installation – an easy installation that requires NO TAPPING! 20mil Wear layer – durable, easy to clean surface 1.5mm Pre-Attached HD EVA Foam Underlayment Embossed-in-Register Synchronized Texturing that gives a realistic wood finish! 25-year Residential and 5-year Commercial Warranty Sound like the floor you’re looking for? Save time and money with this top-rated brand in the industry. View all of the Timeless Designs Everlasting Collection on our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. The post Timeless Designs Everlasting Collection – Modern, Yet Rustic appeared first on Bestlaminate Blog. Read more »
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