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  • LEGO-Lands a Colourful Refurbishment
    It’s no secret that we love a bit of brand identity reflected in great flooring. In fact, we’ve written a whole host of blog posts on the matter! There are several commercial and industrial sites that use flooring as an extension of their brand, whether they add a hint of…… Read more »
  • Contemporary Flooring for History Museum
    If you’ve read our previous post on 3 Ways to Use Resin Flooring in Museums, you’ll know that durable resin flooring systems are ideally suited to leisure environments where there is likely to be high levels of footfall. As well as being durable enough to withstand high levels of traffic…… Read more »
  • Screeds: Sand & Cement vs Self Leveller
    Traditionally, levelling screeds were simply a semi dry mix of OPC cement & sharp screeding sand. They were regularly used to overcome the issue of a structural slab with a surface too rough or uneven to apply the floor finish to directly. This could be either a new concrete slab…… Read more »
  • 5 Steps for a Safe Site
    June is a busy month, not only hosting National Dairy Month celebrations in the United States but National Safety Month too! The aim of this month is to emphasise how to identify, prevent and report risks to ensure that you, and those around you are safely going about your daily…… Read more »
  • It’s National Dairy Moo-nth
    June is National Dairy Month and whilst most often celebrated across the pond in the US, we didn’t want to miss out at All Things Flooring HQ! When this celebration of all things dairy began in 1937, National Milk Month as it was known then was created to stabilise the…… Read more »
  • Office Communal Areas: 5 Vital Design Tips
    The days of traditional offices are over. We’re saying goodbye to boring and demotivating designs and layouts and hello to new ways of working in areas that are inviting and productive. Today, we’re focusing on communal areas and giving you some design tips for creating the perfect shared workspace area,…… Read more »
  • 4 Flooring Trends of 2019
    Flooring trends are increasingly becoming more daring and creative. Whether you are looking for trends to take into your home, your store or an industrial space, we delve into the top four flooring trends for this year. 1. Wood-alike Since our post on stamped concrete, we are noticing more and…… Read more »
  • Robust, Reused, Recycled: Terrazzo Flooring
    We are reminded in nearly every aspect of our life to recycle, whether through the recyclable symbol on food packaging, the reduction of single-life plastics in retail or horror stories about our dying planet on social media. With the issue being so widely and openly discussed, it is making it…… Read more »
  • Car Park Flooring Problems Part 6: Concrete Slab Movement
    Throughout this series we’ve talked a lot about the unique flooring challenges thrown up by the construction and management of large, multi-storey car park structures. In this post, we’ll take a look at one of the most fundamental issues created by the design of car park facilities, which is the…… Read more »
  • Building Bridges: The HZMB Mega Bridge
    The remarkable Hong-Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, also known as HZMB, is the $20 billion development built to link the three cities of Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau for the first time. Construction Challenges The scale and ambition of the project was truly unique, as the 55-kilometre (35 mile) bridge-tunnel system includes a…… Read more »
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