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  • Happy Hour for Brew House Hygiene
    When you sit back after a long week at work with your well earned beer, the last thing you want to think about is the bacteria that may be lurking within your lager. As consumers, we take it as a given that the produce we buy is free from contamination…… Read more »
  • Back to Black
    Welcome to the third instalment of our February Focus blog series on coloured flooring. In this post, we look at one of the most visually pleasing and effective colours to use in interior design – black. In contrast to our posts on red and grey flooring, black is often found…… Read more »
  • Car Park Flooring Problems Part 1: Leaking Top Decks
    Welcome to the first in a six part series focusing on the problems that plague flooring in multi-storey car park structures. Car parks might look like solid, stable constructions – but they’re actually quite vulnerable to a number of issues and they come with their own flooring challenges and requirements that…… Read more »
  • Roses are Red, and Floors Can Be Too!
    The colour red can signify many things, from anger to passion and love to danger. Red is also said to attract the most attention and is associated with strong emotions such as anger, courage and power. It is no wonder that red is a popular colour choice for flooring, but…… Read more »
  • Raise The Bar with Brewery Flooring That Lasts
    For our third round of Brewery blog posts, we are focusing on one key ingredient that you must remember to include in your facility, durable flooring. The durability of the floor can have a direct impact on the capacity of a brewery to maintain a productive working environment. Durability can…… Read more »
  • 50 Shades of Flooring
    Grey is one of the most common colours for both industrial and commercial environments. There are a number of possible reasons why architects, designers and facility managers opt for grey, perhaps because it looks fresh and clean, because it provides a neutral backdrop or even because other colours and shades…… Read more »
  • The 5 W’s of BeerX
    Have you been following our brewery blog series? Perhaps you are thinking of setting up your own brew house or microbrewery? Either way, we highly recommend a trip to this year’s BeerX UK event! When and Where? For the second year running, SIBA will be hosting the two-day event at…… Read more »
  • Resin Trends in Retail
    While many of us will be hitting the January sales in search of the latest fashion trends at a lower price, a few of us will be taking the time to look more closely at the flooring trends in these retail environments. The flooring in many boutiques and showrooms mirror…… Read more »
  • Flooring Superheroes: 5 Flooring Solutions To Reinforce Residential Interiors
    The flooring within a residential complex is likely to take the brunt of daily activities and as a result is often the first area within a complex to suffer from general wear and tear. Because of this, it is imperative that you invest properly when it comes to flooring, in…… Read more »
  • Got the January Blues? So do we…
    Many of us will know Blue Monday as the ‘most depressing day of the year’, and whilst January often feels like it lasts for around 951 days, we are relishing in the Blue Monday vibes. There is something about brightly coloured flooring that adds an element of fun and personality…… Read more »
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